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Hey there, I'm Leslie!

When people ask me why I love being a stylist I always stumble with the answer because there's so many reasons, but over the years I've realized the #1 reason is because I love empowering people to change with something as simple as a haircut, or as bold as an entire makeover.  One of the things that gives me life is to have the ability to express myself thru hair, makeup, and what I wear.  It is my heartbeat to give that joy and power to others!

One of the things that makes me unique as a stylist is that I love taking "normal" to the next level.  A major change doesn't have to mean making dark hair platinum or a regular color into a rainbow- there are many different option between those, and I'm so excited to take you there!  Now, if you still want to go platinum or rainbow, I got you!  But I do love a good, solid glam up and am here for that!  I'm all about making you feel sexy and confident with your new look, and we can chat it up about fashion and staying on trend as that's one of my favorite subjects!  I'm a girly girl that secretly loves being a tomboy which also gives me a unique perspective on how to bring the most out of someone's look and personality!

Another thing you'll learn quickly about me is I love to share!  Styling tips, the latest fashion trends, what's new with the Kardashians, or even the things I find funniest on TikTok, ya'll, I GOT YOU!  I am also bilingual so I can share all this fun info in two languages as well.  It is my heartbeat that while you are here we connect and find both the amazing things about your hair, but also about your life and everything in it.  I'm an encourager by nature, a tomboy at heart- I love sharing these things with other people and finding all the good and fun and different things in life and sharing with others.  

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